How To Make MONEY From YOUTUBE 2022

You can make money on YouTube and there’s actually six different ways to make money inside of YouTube. Now stay tuned to the very end because there’s actually a seventh way. It’s not directly connected to YouTube, but it’s definitely worth hearing about. So make sure you’re logged in to your account and then go to the YouTube Studio. and we’re going to go over here to monetization with that little money sign.

Cha-ching! First off we have video advertising. So when an ad plays before one of your videos or during one of your videos, you’re making a little bit of money. You’re making some cash. So that’s gonna be your video advertising.

For us, we don’t really do any of that. And you let YouTube know when uploading your video, if there is swearing or violence or something like that. And because we’ve done it so much accurately, it just kind of staying, hey, good job.

You rate your videos properly. And it just letting us know that we are doing a good job with the way that we are reviewing our videos for them. Now the next way to make money on YouTube is by selling merchandise. And this is all inside of YouTube. Pretty cool.

You can see right here that there is a monthly gross merch revenue. So you can see kind of by month how much money we’re making.

So we’re just making a little bit of money. We don’t really promote it, but underneath some of our videos, you might see some merchandise that you can buy. And hey, I’m not gonna stop you from buying it.

Now you have to make sure that this box is checked if you want to display your merchandise on YouTube. If that’s not, then it’s not going to show underneath your videos.

However, you can still use a link and just do that in the description if you want to do it that way. And if you don’t have merchandise set up yet, this is the exact spot that you’re gonna go to set up your merchandise, upload your logo, do all that kind of stuff so that you can start selling merchandise on YouTube and make some money.

Now the next way to make money is through memberships.

So right here, we can see that showing us some data. It’s showing us that about 20% of our views come from subscribers. Now that’s gonna be the audience of people who actually might become a member. And what that means is they’re going to give you money monthly to be a member. And you can set the price for what that looks like.

You can also set the perks and what they get for being a member. So you can see right here that we don’t have a membership set up yet, but all you have to do is hit start. And this is gonna start walking you through some templates.

So if we want to do a three-level membership, we can.

You know, you can change all of this stuff if you want to, but you can do four levels, you can do one level, start from scratch, and then your price, you can set it right there. What’s really cool is it even gives you some really good ideas for the perks. So if someone wants to give you $3 to be a member for level one, and you can name all this kind of stuff, what you can give them is a loyalty badge and emoji.

For example, getting early access to new videos, they can get shout outs, they can get photos, updates that are just for the membership community, of course, exclusive videos just for them and a member only live streams. If you want a live stream with just the members, they pay $7 a month. And maybe once a month, once a week, you go live with just the members, answering their questions, talking and hanging out with them.

So memberships really is a cool way to make some money on YouTube if you get that set up.

Now, the next way to make some money is through supers. This is through super chat and stickers. Basically what this means is when you go live, someone can donate money to you, $20, $10, $5, whatever they want to give, they can give to you. And this is going to notify you.

It’s something that you can set up really easily.

And then people can just start giving you money, saying thanks, asking you questions, it’s pretty cool. Now, if you want to maximize this, make sure all three are selected, your Super Chat, your Super Stickers and your Super Thanks. Giving is a tab that’s really cool. It’s not a way for you to make money, but it’s a way for you to raise money for a nonprofit, some sort of organization.

This is a really cool thing that you can set up on your channel. And you probably wondered how do you do that? You go over here to the giving tab. But our fifth one, and I’ll get to the sixth, which is not on this tab, but the fifth one is brand connect. And this is really cool.

It’s really easy to sign up for it. And then once you’re signed up and you’re a part of this, they’re actually going to email you when they find an opportunity.

What that means is brands who want to connect with the brand connect, pretend you get it. This makes it really easy for brands to find channels who say, hey, yeah, I want to work with brands. I want to get paid to have a product in my video, or to have some sort of sponsorship.

This is a great way for them to just email you. And then you can say yes or no, you can look at it, but it’s definitely worth looking into if you want to work with brands on your channel, this doesn’t hurt to have your email on the brand site so that they can kind of see who is willing to work for some brands. Now number six, we have YouTube shorts.

Now they have a shorts fund where they are giving money to creators for producing shorts. And it’s based on the views they get.

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