How To Install The Elgato Stream Deck For Livestreaming

Hands down, StreamYard is one of the best tools that you can use when it comes to livestreaming, because they make livestreaming so, so easy, whether that’s, you know, bringing on a guest to interview, doing transitions in real time between your interviewer or even your slides, as well as being able to brand your live streams with backgrounds, thirds, and things like that. Another cool tool when it comes to livestreaming is the Elgato Stream Deck, which is a device that allows you to customize it so that at a push of a button when you’re doing livestreams, you can make something happen. And when you pair StreamYrd with the Stream Deck, you get awesome things. And so that’s why in this video I’m gonna be showing you how you can set up the Stream Deck with your StreamYard. So let’s get into this.

You gotta just press record. Hey, what’s up? It’s Omar Eltakrori with Think Media, and shout out to StreamYard for sponsoring this video. And we personally love using StreamYard here at Think Media. We use it to do all our livestreams, whether it’s on our YouTube channel, Think Media, or even our Think Media podcast, as well as our private Facebook groups with our communities and students.

How to install

And, so, if you wanna check out StreamYard, be sure to check out the link down in the description below. But if you’re watching this, you may already have StreamYard. And I would say, if you don’t already have the Elgato Stream Deck, that’s okay, you can actually use your keyboard in the same way and I’ll show you how to do that as well. But the Elgato Stream Deck is a fantastic device that comes in three different sizes, whether that’s six buttons, 15 or 32 buttons. Personally, I have the 15.

But if you want a smaller footprint on your desk, maybe you want the six button one.

But we’ll post links to it down in the description below. The first thing you’re gonna wanna do is log into StreamYard and open it up. Select the gear icon on the bottom of the screen. Upon pressing the gear icon, you can see on the left side that you have the options of hot keys.

Now, when you click on that, you can actually see all the various things that you can customize now with your current keyboard, which is super cool.

And if you’ve never seen this before, there’s gonna be a default setting of those, but you can totally 100% customize them to how you would want to customize them. However, to set this up with the Stream Deck the fastest way possible, the second thing you’re gonna wanna do is download the StreamYard profile for the Elgato Stream Deck. And we’ll post a link to that down in the description below so you can go straight to it. And then once you have downloaded the StreamYard profile, just open up your Stream Deck’s configuration, and then double-click the StreamYard profile and then it’ll auto-populate on your Stream Deck.


This is a super easy way to now transition to and from certain looks and dynamics while you’re conducting a livestream on StreamYard.

However, you could still move it around on the Stream Deck itself based off of what you’d like. What you can do in your Stream Deck configuration and make something maybe more simpler, or even create your own, which is one thing I love about the Stream Deck is that you can actually create your own little button icons. But all that to say the StreamYard default does just fine. And then the last step slash tip that I would give you is to actually just do a practice run.

You know, once you go live your live. But now that you have the hot keys, to definitely just know where they’re at. The whole point of having hotkeys is that you necessarily don’t even need to look, or you can use your peripherals to actually conduct a transition, or start or end your livestream and things like that.

And so just conduct a practice livestream. And if you actually wanna check out my two angle livestream setup that I have going on, kind of behind me right here, this is my desk set up.

It’s super fresh. It’s super cool. You can click or tap the screen to check that out. And I can’t wait to see you in a future video.

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