How Can I Save WhatsApp Status?

Android 9.0 and above are required in order to use Status Saver For Whatsapp – Save-download Status. You can get the app in English, Spanish, and German. The current version is 3.2.

if you like your friend’s WhatsApp status, now it can be possible that you want to set the same port or video as your own.

Whatsapp status is awesome do you want to save it and share it with others maybe but how do you save WhatsApp status stories and that too. when after 24 hours the media file gets deleted on its own now you can still save a photo by taking a screenshot of it.

how do you save a video

you can save anyone’s WhatsApp status after reading this article. your own or share the status with others the choice is yours now before we begin I urge all our viewers not to download anyone’s personal photos or videos and even if you do so then please make sure to ask for that concerned person’s permission.

when we post a new awesome video, first of all, you need to go to your Android phones file manager now different file managers have different options to access settings within them so for that video, I’m going to show the steps on the Google files app and you can use some other file manager app of your choice as well but the steps will slightly differ.

now open the Google files app and click on the hamburger. I can present on the top left you will now see a show hidden files toggle enable that. now if you own a Pixel smartphone then you don’t need to follow this step instead of on your pixel device click the three-dot.

I can on the top right and tap on your internal storage now open your phone’s internal storage look for the Whatsapp folder and open it inside that click on the media folder and next open the dot statuses folder.

you’ll find all the WhatsApp status stories that you must have checked on your phone now select your desired file by long pressing on it.

from the options select copy and paste the file in any folder of your choice in your phone’s internal storage.

by following these steps you can save any media file that was set as a wall substrate is storing and I will mention it again to ask for the concerned person’s permission first before saving his or her whatsapp status.

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