Best All-Round SONY LENS 2022 (Tamron 35-150mm Review)

So I’ve been doing photography and videography for well over 10 years, and I’ve never encountered a more versatile lens than this one right here. This is the Tamron 35 to 150, a lens for Sony cameras, that literally can do almost everything and more. And that’s why in this video, I’ll be talking about the pros and cons, to see if this lens is a lens that will work for you and what you’re doing. And also shout out to Tamron for making this video possible. They did send us this lens and sponsor this video.

However, this is an honest review of this lens. You got to just press record. So this Tamron lens is made for Sony cameras and I would say it’s more geared toward a Sony full frame, or cinema camera, simply because of its size. However, you can put this lens on a Sony crop camera, like a A6400, or a Sony ZV-E10. However, just because of its size, it will be kind of funny looking.

Easy methods to Select the Best All-Round SONY LENS

But you can totally do that, because Sony has a universal lens mountain system on their cameras, which one of my favorite things about Sony cameras is that. So let’s start off by talking about the pros of this lens, and essentially my favorite things about this lens. The number one thing has to be the focal length. This is a 35 millimeter zoom lens, that goes all the way to 150 millimeters. And that focal length, in general, is super versatile.

A lot of people always ask me, “Omar, what is the most versatile lens”, or “What lens could just do it all?” I would say a lens like this would be the lens that could do it all. When in the past, I would say, “You know, a 24 to 70 can do it all, but it stops at 70, and it goes just as far as 24.” But now with this lens, it’s definitely the number one answer, when it comes to versatility. Now, I would say there is a difference between 24 and 35, whereas 24 millimeters will be more on the wider side of things, and 35 millimeters is more on the medium side of things, but for somebody who is operating a camera, 35 is a great medium wide focal length, that most people can use.

The next thing about this lens, that I absolutely love, is the variable aperture. All the way from F2 to 2.8. And so if you’re shooting at 35 millimeters on this lens, you can bring your aperture all the way down to F2, and then if you zoom in up to 50 millimeters, you’re going to be at F2.2, and then if you zoom all the way up to 70 millimeters, you’re going to be at 2.

5, and then from 85 to 150 millimeters, it’s going to be locked in at 2.8, which will give you a super buttery image, with that super blurry background that everyone absolutely loves.

1. Worth

Now, when I think about other zoom lenses, with variable or fixed apertures, number one, the variable apertures are always going to go well over like F4, or even 5.6 or something like that. Or even the fixed zoom lenses at 2.

8 just stays at 2.8 the whole way through. So the fact that this has a lower aperture variable, makes this lens incredible. This produces a super nice blurry background, almost like you’re using a prime lens, which is one of my favorite things about the variable aperture that this lens brings.

The next thing I love about this lens is the build quality, and the buttons and switches.

In the past, Tamron would actually want to be competitively priced, and so they wouldn’t put, you know, your focus switch or your customizable button on this lens. But what’s so cool about this lens, is that it actually has the buttons that you could customize in your menu, as well as an auto-focus and manual switch, which is super helpful. And they do have a USBC port on this lens, so if they offer firmware updates, you can do so by plugging in a USB into the lens itself. As far as the zoom and focus ring goes, I think they’ve chose a cool rubber, that really has a nice grip to it. It’s a little more on the rugged side than the smooth side, which I actually like.

And when you’re zooming this lens, it actually has a nice sturdiness to it, which I actually appreciate, because then you can actually zoom in pretty smoothly, because of that reason. And so the overall build quality, and the buttons is phenomenal when it comes to this lens.

2. Model

Now I’m going to get into some of the cons of this lens, but if you’re already getting value, let me know by hitting that like button, and let me know down in the comments below, what you think about this lens, and the test footage and photos you’ve been seeing. We’d love to know your thoughts. But I would definitely say the very first con, when it comes to this lens, has to be the weight and size.

Now I would assume that Tamron and did everything they could to deliver the best lens possible, with the specs that make this the awesome lens that I just talked about, with all the pros, the focal length, as well as the variable aperture.

As far as the weight of this lens, it comes in at just under three pounds. And so with the size itself and the weight, I wouldn’t consider this your casual lens. This is not a lens that you would just take around with you, no, this is a lens that you want on your camera, because you know what you’re trying to get with it. But overall, considering what you’re getting with the focal length and versatility of this lens, I think the weight is worth it.

Not all that much more than the 24 to 70 G Master, which is a lens we’ve almost used for, I think around three years at this point.

3. Operate

The next downside when it comes to this lens, is that there isn’t any stabilization technology built into this. Where many lenses on the market come with, what is called optical steady shot. And when you pair that with a lens that has in-body image stabilization, or maybe active steady shot, like the newer Sony cameras have, then you get some really good steady handheld footage. And this lens doesn’t have any of that, which is actually fine, because oftentimes, when you have a good weighty camera set up, there actually is some stabilization that gets taken into account, because the weight of the camera actually becomes the reason why it’s more stable, than when it’s a light setup.

And then the last downside I would say, is that because of the size of the lens, it would have been nice if they included a tripod plate mount on this lens, because the lens actually weighs more than most Sony bodies. Very similar to the 70 to 100 option, it would have been nice if the Tamron lens had that. So really I would say those are just the few things that you should know about when it comes to this lens, as far as like the con/downsides, but honestly, you know, when you take things into consideration and into context, it really isn’t all that bad. So how much does this lens cost, and who is this lens for? Well the cost of this lens is 1899, at the time of shooting this video.

4. Previous Buyer Critiques

Just right under $1,900, which I believe is a good price, ’cause let me break this down for you. When I first bought the Sony 24 to 70 G Master lens, it came in at $2,200 before taxes. And so that’s 24 to 70 and at aperture 2.8 the whole way. So this lens blows that out of the water, for both those reasons.

That’s number one. Number two, if you get all the lenses in prime form, that this lens covers, you’re going to be spending a lot of money, and just to break it down, a 35 millimeter full frame lens is 750, 50 millimeter is 250, 85 Millimeter is 600, and a 70 to 200, just to get you there, is $2,600.

And those are all retail prices, not considering sales and used and things like that. But like, if you add that all up, you’re like, well over like, four grand. And so considering that, the price is pretty good at $1,900.

And now who is this lens for? Honestly, I think it’s two groups of people. Number one, I think it is for the person that does contract freelance photography and videography. Maybe you shoot weddings, small business promos, maybe doing church work, and you need a versatile, convenient lens that could do it all. I think this is the lens, because of its price point and things of that nature.

5. Execs and Cons

Now, I also do believe that this is a lens for someone getting into photography and videography. Because this lens does it all, a lot of people, just because they’re beginners, doesn’t mean they’re trying to buy the cheapest thing out there. Sometimes that is the case, but many times you want to buy the best thing, right up front, like you’ve allocated the funds.

Actually, somebody who I have taught how to grow in their photography, when they first made their purchase of all their equipment, they bought one $2,500 body and a $2,500 lens, because she just wanted everything she needed to get started right away. And I know there’s people that are in that boat, and so, if you want a lens that can do everything, and you’re okay with the size, then this would be the lens to go with, because you wouldn’t have to buy another lens, and I just think about changing your lens and camera.

The more you can minimize that, you’re actually saving time, and so this lens is not only convenient, because of all it can do, but it’s also a time-saver, because you’re getting so much out of one lens.

6. Service

So I would say that’s who this lens is for. It’s kind of a lens for everybody. You just got to know your needs, and what you’re trying to accomplish, and there are ways to achieve this with more budget options. You lose out on some features, but what this lens is not for, 100%, is this is not a lens for vlogging. But Tamron does make some awesome lenses for vlogging, and if you want to check out a video on one of those lenses, you can click or tap the screen. And I can’t wait to see you in a future video. Peace. (chilled hip hop beats).

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